Patella Knee Pain

Patella Knee Pain

Patella Knee Pain / Patella tracking error

A common knee pain is patella tracking error. It’s a pain on the inside part or inside of your knee. The pain happens because the patella doesn’t fit in the right groove in the knee cap and slips out.

Knee caps, femur and patella have different thickness. This causes inconsistent fit of patella in the groove. When you push down on the floor, the patella slips out from the groove and presses on the table.
You may have patella osteitis which is a common form of knee pain and it is a painful syndrome of patella bone which is most frequent in athletes. It occurs due to excessive wear and tear on the knee joint while participating in sports. You may also have patellar tracking problems or patellar tracking disorder. You may experience pain, limited mobility, clicking or popping sounds while walking or running. You may also be experiencing pain when squatting. A regular stretching and strengthening program can help to get rid of this pain and improve your overall health.

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