Side of Knee Pain

Identify Knee Pain in 6 Easy Steps - How to Get Relief from It

It may be a stretch or tear in a knee ligament. You may need to have your knee examined by a doctor. Now, you can use ice to help reduce the pain and inflammation. You can also try applying a knee bandage or taping your knee to help support it. If you do not respond well to these treatments, you may need more aggressive treatment like surgery.
Knee pain outside the knee can be the result of several different issues.
If you are experiencing knee pain outside of your knee, have a GP or Specialist look into it. Your doctor may be able to identify what is causing your pain and recommend a course of treatment that will provide you with the relief you are looking for.”
“Pain at the back of your knee is known as knee radial pain. It is caused by an irritation of the
muscles in the back of your knee. This can happen as a result of an injury to the knee or because of a condition such as arthritis. Knee radial pain is not a serious condition and will go away on its own within a few days.

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