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Shoulder / AC Joint Separation

Get back into the action quicker with the range of Sportsbraces solutions for Shoulder Injuries or AC Joint Separations. Protect your AC joint from further injury with our straps which are unrestrictive and comfortable with breathable materials to support your moves.

View our range of Shoulder Immobilizers that attach directly to the body with a universal design that fits both the right and left shoulders. Our lightweight and breathable braces provide the comfort and support you need to prevent and protect from injury.

Our elastic straps attach easily and can be worn while participating in a wide variety of sports. They are available in varying sizes to ensure you find the right fit for your needs. The difference these straps can make to not only your protection, by healing timeline is significant. Play smart and protect yourself today.

The range at Sportsbraces.com.au is always being rotated and added to, allowing for selections from a variety of braces to cover injuries all over the body. Stay protected while being active with our range of sports categories to make for easier searchability.

Sprtsbraces also stocks a selection of exercise equipment, footwear and rehab/therapy products specifically designed for protection during training or other physical activity. Keep at the forefront of brace technology and bookmark our site. Sportsbraces is here to help you with preventative care and the right equipment to heal from any injury quickly.