Medial Knee Pain

Medial Knee Pain

It is a common symptom of medial knee pain to experience pain or discomfort in the joint at the center of your knee. This location is called the middle kneecap and it is where your two lower leg bones connect.

The middle kneecap normally sits in a groove between your two lower leg bones called the patella tendon groove. The patella tendon runs along the outside of your knee and gives it flexibility.

Pain at this location can be caused by many different conditions but it is usually due to something that is pushing on that patella tendon. This most commonly occurs with knee osteoarthritis when there are changes in the shape of the patella that are not normal. As a result, more pressure is placed on this tendon and more pain is felt in your middle knee.

There are also various other causes of pain in the middle of your knee including:
Shear injuries such as those that occur with an ACL repair or tibia fracture, overuse injuries such as runner’s knee, and inflammatory conditions such as patellar tendinitis.

It can be challenging to differentiate between these various conditions without access to testing or imaging studies but this can help someone feel better when they are experiencing pain in their middle kneecap area.

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