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What to Look for in an Ankle Brace
One of the most common reasons people wear ankle braces is from rolling the foot, mainly when running, jumping and pivoting when exercising or playing sports. Because these injuries are likely to occur again without the right ankle support, finding the right level of support will help stabilise your ankle and get you back to your level of fitness in no time.
Choosing an ankle brace for ankle support may seem easy at first. But just like anything, there are many options to choose from, and it needs to fit right for the best effect.

Read further for advice on how to choose the right ankle brace.

Cam Walkers

Cam Walkers are generally used to immobilise the ankle due to ligament strains and fractures. These walking boots help stabilise the ankle and protect them during the healing process. Moon Boots tend to be the best source of protection for severe injury and post-surgery.
Ankle Brace Sleeves
Sleeves are usually the least stable when it comes to ankle support; however, they are useful to use with daily use or when playing sports or exercising for mild ankle pain. Ankle brace sleeves are generally made out of a multidirectional elastic material that will compress and support the ankle.
Ankle Stirrups
Stirrup ankle braces are perfect for customisation and achieve results similar to that achieved with surgery. This ankle brace is adjustable, reduces swelling and provides the support and protection your ankle needs to recover. They are not, however, ideal for use when playing sports.
Ankle Lace-ups
Lace-up ankle braces are similar to a shoelace design and provide maximum support. The laces allow you to customise the tightness according to your requirements and the rigid materials mean they are stable. Even though they are rigid, these braces are quite flexible compared to a lot of ankle braces.
Overall, choosing the right type of ankle brace is essential for healing and prevention of an ankle injury. You don’t have to make this decision on your own, so if you are unsure what kind of ankle brace is right for your injury, talk to one of our professional team about your ankle support needs.

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