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Skiing Braces

Whilst it’s a lot of fun, skiing can be a dangerous sport, with knee injuries, ligament sprains, tears and ruptures all a high risk. A knee brace can help to reduce pain post-injury, helping you to get back on the slopes. ACL tears and wrist injuries are also common when skiers try to stand up or prevent a fall. With all of this in mind, the products on offer at Sportsbraces.com.au can prevent, as well as protect, making them one of the best decisions you can make while skiing. 

Our team are on-hand during business hours for phone support to help you choose the right brace and ensure a speedier rehabilitation journey plus a reduction in pain. For knee protection, in particular, we have braces that guide the knee while providing lateral movement support. This means no loss of function or movement control, allowing you to ski at your very best.

Wrist guards can be worn comfortably underneath your snow gloves to ensure complete protection in the event of a fall. This is perfect for everyone from beginners to pros who know how unpredictable a day in the snow can be!

Sprtsbraces.com.au is your one-stop-shop for braces, exercise equipment, and rehab and therapy products to help keep you in tip-top condition. View our ski-suitable range of protection options below and bookmark the page to keep up-to-date with all of the latest in protective sports technology.