Before DonJoy® became a global leader in sports medicine, there was Mark
Nordquist, a line captain with the Philadelphia Eagles, and Ken Reed, a local
lawyer, who started assembling the neoprene sleeves that would serve as the
company’s first knee, ankle, and elbow braces. Used by elite athletes worldwide to
enhance performance, protect the body, and aid recovery, DonJoy’s comprehensive
range of products can be seen anywhere from the NCAA to the NFL to the global
stage of the Olympics. And now, DonJoy® Advantage brings these leading sports

medicine technologies direct to the consumer.

For the first time, DonJoy Advantage is expanding its line of bracing and supports
to youth through the Marvel franchise. Every year, millions of children in the
United States are affected with sport-related injuries, such as sprains and strains,
ligament tears, and broken bones. The need for preventative, protective, and
recovery products is addressed by designing seven unique products that feature

Marvel’s signature characters.

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