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Tapes and Bandages

Athletic tape is vital for everyone who takes part in physical activities to help prevent injuries. Athletic tape can limit the range of motion for certain muscles and joints, helping the body to heal faster while serving as a splint for sprained joints.

Using tape to create compression on a muscle will decrease swelling, which can alleviate pain while preventing further injury. Our elastic tape options can help to increase blood flow in an injured area while serving as support for the affected muscles. Lessen the workload of your muscle with tape and keep any pain at bay. 

Our athletic tape can reduce swelling and bruising while providing functional support and still allowing a full range of movement. The water-resistant tape can often be worn for up to five days and uses hypoallergenic adhesive. Every athlete ensures that high-quality tape is part of their workout kit – it is simply a vital necessity for anyone who participates in exercise or sport!

Trust Sportsbraces.com.au to collate everything you need to ensure fully supported physical activity of all kinds. We have the best products on offer with fast shipping around Australia, from a variety of braces to exercise equipment, footwear and rehab/therapy products. View our tape options below, and feel free to contact our team during business hours over the phone if you have any questions or would like to know which product is the best option for your needs.


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Rocktape Mini Big Daddy Rolls – 5m x 10cm