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Snowboarding Braces

Snowboarding is a lot of fun, but beginners, pros and everyone in between are at risk of knee and wrist injuries while out on the slopes. As your feet are bound to the snowboard, knee sprains and meniscus tears can be very common if your board decides to go in a different direction to your body.

Falling is an unavoidable part of snowboarding, and everyone’s natural reaction when falling is to put brace the impact with your arm. This puts your wrists at risk of sprains and fractures, and a wrist brace may help prevent both of these injuries.

Sportsbraces.com.au selection of braces can help you manage instability by protecting your body while snowboarding. All of our gear is easy to wear underneath your snow jackets, pants and gloves, ensuring you are protected with comfort and versatility. 

The right braces can also help keep previous injuries from becoming repeat offenders. No matter what level of physical activity you take part in, we stock braces to support it. Our wide selection can help you to heal from an injury quicker and minimise your risk while out on the slopes.

View braces and our range of exercise equipment to help you get in shape so you can handle the long runs. We have a knowledgeable team available for phone support during business hours and the latest equipment available with fast shipping around Australia. Be smart on the slopes and view the full Sportbraces.com.au range below today.