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Ankle Injury

Those looking to prevent an ankle injury or recovering from one need support at the ankle’s weakest point. Our braces provide this, thus preventing ankle sprain. The ankle braces on offer from Sportbraces.com.au mean you are less likely to suffer from an ankle injury, keeping you on the field for longer. View our Ankle Brace Range

Our ankle brace options are designed to incorporate a sleek stabiliser that is located on either side of the ankle to help guard against sprains and rollovers. Each brace also puts a huge focus on comfort with soft, breathable materials that keep you cool and dry during use. All of our lightweight options have an anatomic design that easily fits with athletic footwear, especially our Dr Comfort shoes, which means you get the protection without the additional bulk.


Treat or prevent injuries such as chronic instability, sprain, recovery from breaks and general protection from ankle injuries during sports and other high impact activities. Those who need a higher level of protection will be interested in our Ankle Walker boots, which offer lightweight designs in an ergonomic frame to adjust the level of pressure on an existing injury.

Our range of ankle braces offer:

  • Support following trauma or post-operative procedure
  • Relief from the level of pressure on an injury
  • Soft liners for ultimate comfort
  • Ease of adjustment
  • Minimal designs so your performance is not hindered
  • The ultimate injury recovery tool

Sportsbraces.com.au have a range of Leg Supports and variety of braces to keep you safe easily search by category options per sport. You can also view our selection of exercise equipment and rehab and therapy products to ensure you achieve your physical goals while keeping your body safe. Train and play the smart way with Sportsbraces.com.au, and keep yourself protected from potential injury.


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