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Swimming Braces

Swimmers can benefit from a range of braces such as a back and hip or shoulder wrap designed to reduce pain and swelling with continuous cold therapy. Speed up your rehab and protect your joints with the large range of braces and training support items on our site.

View the swimming options below and search the Sportsbraces.com.au site for a selection of exercise equipment and rehab and therapy products to help you prepare for the pool. We keep your protection and safety in mind and are on-hand to ensure you find the right products for your style of swimming, training or a specific injury.

Have a specific injury that you need support for? Want to prevent one from occurring in the first place? Our expert team and high-quality products can help.

The expert Sportsbraces team can help with phone support from 9am – 5pm on 1300 070 948 and can walk you through each of our products and their benefits. We work hard to bring the latest products and developments in swimming brace technology to your door with fast shipping all around Australia.

Keep safe in the pool and prepare your body for optimal performance when you are out of it with Sportbraces. Our handpicked selection of products exist to keep you protected and in the right condition for maximum performance. View the full range of swimming options below today.