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What is a back brace?
A back brace for lifting helps keep your back in the right position and supported after a back injury and when lifting heavy objects or engaging in strenuous activities that may cause the back to weaken or endure strain. The brace provides comfort and support that eases pain and is easily adjustable for your body shape.

A back brace for lifting can also assist in preventing damage to the structure of your back, especially if you have experienced back injury in the past.

There is a vast range of back brace for lifting that suit different injuries and budgets. It is important to note that usually you will be prescribed a back brace for lifting so is best fitted by professionals like our team at Sports Braces.
Back brace choices
Choosing a back brace for lifting means determining what brace is best for your injury. We have listed 5 of the best below and will help you determine the right back brace for lifting for you.

1. DonJoy Immostrap Back Brace
This back brace for lifting will give you ultimate comfort with its adjustable straps and ergonomic front panels. This brace helps alleviate pain, assist with posture and control mobilisation. It’s supportive features include:

  • Compressive material for stability and for maintaining posture.
  • 4 straps for upper and lower compression with a pulley for easy tightening.
  • Front closure for easy access.
  • Hand loops for easy application and adjustment.

2. ProCare 10″ Double Pull Sacro Lumbar Support
As a back brace for lifting, this is a premium elastic brace with compression straps. This brace is ideal for support and compression for strains, and lower back and abdominal sprains. Its features include:

  • Four 9″ posterior plastic stays for support and stability.
  • Compresses and immobilises the injury.
  • Ranges in sizes S-3XL

3. DonJoy Duostrap Back Brace
If you need pain relief in the form of a back brace for lifting, then the Duorstrap will exert strong compression to alleviate the pain. It provides optimal comfort and is easily adjusted with straps that are easy to use. Its supportive features include:

  • Postural reminder because it limits your range of motion.
  • High waisted design.
  • Double bilateral straps to easily adjust the level of compression.
  • Ranges in sizes S-XXLarge.

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