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Ankle Sprain Instability

Have you previously sprained your ankle or hoping to prevent it from happening while playing sport? Our ankle sprain instability protection options are designed with the athlete in mind.

Ideal for those looking to prevent or protect an ankle injury, our braces support the ankle’s weakest points. This not only helps with a speedy recovery but can also prevent an ankle sprain. We have a full range of options, all with varying benefits to suit your exact situation and sport.

Effectiveness and comfort are guaranteed across all of our products which can offer mild levels of support all the way through to support for a fractured foot, ankle, or lower leg. We have options for those with a severe ankle sprain offering post-operative immobilisation as well.

Find the right brace to support your limbs while providing protection with the latest brace technology to absorb and dissipate shock. Our braces are lightweight and perfect for intense sports and everyday activities.

Make the most of your purchase and view our wide selection of braces for other areas of the body, and search the options by sport to find a suitable choice for your needs. From Leg Supports to Wrist Braces and Foot Care, we have all of your needs covered.

Our braces can help relieve pain, reduce stress on your structures, and limit your joints’ movement to prevent injury and encourage healing. All options are comfortable to wear no matter what sport or physical activity you will be undertaking.

While shopping for braces, look to add exercise equipment, Dr Comfort shoes, or rehab and therapy products to complete and enhance all of your workout needs. Sportsbraces.com.au look to support you through the recovery of your ankle injury with a range of high-quality products that get you back into the action sooner.