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4 Ways Knee Braces Can Keep you Active
Sometimes knee injuries slow us down, and our bodies don’t work as well, or as we age, our bodies slow down, but we want to keep active. One way to keep doing the exercise we love to do is to support our bodies with a knee brace. Come with us as we explore four ways that knee braces can keep you active.
1. Combining a knee brace with a good pair of shoes can help you keep active. If you wear a knee brace with shoes that aren’t supportive, you can be doing more damage to your knee. We recommend wearing Dr Comfort shoes with a custom knee brace for ultimate support.
2. If you have arthritis or have an ongoing injury walking is fantastic for your body, although it can be quite painful. Using knee support will enable you to continue with your exercise routine with a little less pain.
3. A compression knee brace can help stabilise your knee and aid with swelling from the effects of osteoarthritis. This not only assists you in doing routine daily tasks but will also help you offload some of the pain so you can engage in life actively.
4. Staying healthy isn’t just about diet; being active is just as important. Using aids like a hinged knee brace or a custom knee brace can aid you in remaining active when our bodies are challenged. A knee brace can help make simple stretching exercises or a big workout more comfortable and possible during healing.

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