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Netball Braces

Netball can be destructive to your body, in particular, when it comes to ankle sprains. The common lateral ankle sprain is often the cause of a high injury rate in the sport of netball, but SPortsbraces.com.au is here to make that less so. 

Did you know that in Australia, between 2011 and 2012, the sport of netball accounted for almost 4% of all sporting related hospitalisations? (by comparison, AFL was 8.8%). Protect your ankles which are particularly at risk due to the stop-start nature of the sport. There is a lot of force on your ankles from different angles in netball, and if your landing isn’t perfect, you could be at risk.

We offer a range of braces that will protect your ankle from things like a lateral sprain during which your foot turns inwards as your body goes over the outside of the ankle. This can tear two main ligaments, the anterior talofibular ligament and the calcaneofibular ligament. The risk of this happening is lowered significantly with the help of a brace.

View our wide selection of braces that can help reduce the stress on your body and previously injured structures by limiting your joints’ movement. We also offer a range of exercise equipment and therapy products to help you hit the court at your very best. Bookmark the Sportbraces.com.au site to keep up with the latest releases and ensure you are never stuck on the sidelines with an avoidable injury.


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