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Meniscus Tear

In cases of a torn meniscus, support and compression are important to ensure that you do not see further damage. Athletes with acute or chronic knee injury can take advantage of the protective braces on offer here at Sportsbraces.com.au to get them back in the action sooner.


Our range of braces are made from anatomically knitted and multidirectional elastic fabric for added compression and support. Perform at your best with the ultimate protection that will not impact your movement thanks to their sleek, low-profile designs. All of our braces provide maximum support meniscus recovery and prevention, designed to prevent hyperextension and improve joint mechanics in surgical and non-surgical knees.


Our wide range of braces are suitable for:

  • ACL, Meniscus or Patella Injuries
  • Joint instability
  • Hyperextension
  • Prevention
  • Moderate ligament or tendon sprains
  • And more


Active individuals who play football, soccer, basketball, volleyball and a range of other sports will experience a range of benefits from our brace options including increased circulation, improved heat regulation, compression, as well as joint and ligament support.


Search our site for a range of other protective gear including Wrist Braces, Foot Care, Head And Neck Braces, and more all sorted by sport to make your search easier. Relieve pain by reducing stress on injured structures with braces that help limit excess movement, assisting the healing process. 

Our handpicked selection of high-quality products are comfortable to wear and easy to keep clean. You’ll also find a range of supportive exercise equipment, shoes and rehab and therapy products to make sure that you get the most out of your workouts with as little risk to your body as possible. Search the range today and bookmark our site to keep across all of the latest products and development in the world of braces and protective gear.

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