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Rugby Braces

Your ankles are vitally important in any sport, but particularly the game of rugby, as they help mobilise and propel your body forward. This puts a lot of strain and tension on the joint, and since rugby involves high intensity sprinting, cutting and repetitive footwork, your risk of injury is high.

Wearing a brace can minimise your chances of injury by providing enhanced stability and proprioception. The range of ankle braces available at Sportbraces.com.au do this while also promoting blood flow with the use of compression.

Protect your ankles on your next tackle, try, conversion or ruck, and view our full rugby selection below, which also includes gear for knees, elbows and more. Whether you have an existing injury to protect, or a trying to prevent one altogether, our gear can help.

Our wide range of rugby-suitable braces offers support and protection for:

  • ACL, Meniscus or Patella Injuries
  • Joint Instabilities
  • Moderate Ligament and Tendon Sprains
  • Hyperextension
  • And more

Relieve pain, reduce stress, and limit movement to prevent injury with our comfortable to wear braces. You may also like to check out our exercise equipment and rehab/therapy products to cover all bases pre and post your game. Sportsbraces.com.au are here to support all rugby players through the recovery of injury and protection of their bodies with a range of high-quality products that keep you on the field, performing your best. View the full rugby selection below.


Achilles Tendonitis

AirCast Airheel Ankle Brace