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Cam Boot Walkers & Moon Boots Online Australia

Cam Walkers & Moon Boots, Also Know As Cam Boots.

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Buy quality Moon Boots, Cam Walkers on sale, Also Know As Cam Boots from most trusted brands: Aircast, DonJoy & ProCare.
Lightweight with a pre-shaped ergonomic frame that help’s modify the pressure of the lower leg.

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What is a Moon Boot?

CAM Walkers, CAM Boots aka Moon Boots are fracture boots, designed to immobilise the foot and ankle due to lower limb fractures, ligament strains and other injuries.
Most noteworthy we can fit just about anybody’s size with a cam walker, commonly called a moon-boot.
A CAM or controlled ankle motion, also known as a below knee walking boot, is an prescribed treatment and stabilisation of severe sprains, fractures, tendon or ligament tears in the ankle or foot.

CAM Boot FAQ’s

what does a cam boot do?

A cam boot, also known as an ankle stirrup, is a type of orthopedic boot used to immobilize and support an injured ankle. It is usually prescribed by a medical professional to help heal a sprained ankle or broken bone. The boot is designed with a simple, adjustable design and is secured with a strap and buckle system. The purpose of the cam boot is to help keep the ankle immobilized, which helps reduce swelling and pain and allows the ankle to heal properly. The boot also protects the ankle from further injury, such as twists and sprains, and can help to prevent re-injury in the future. The cam boot also allows the ankle to bear weight during walking, which can help with the healing process. Cam boots are generally used for a period of two to eight weeks, depending on the severity of the injury.

what is the difference between cam boot and a walking boot?

A cam boot and a walking boot both provide protection and support to an injured or ailing foot or ankle, but they differ in several ways. A cam boot is also known as a cast boot and is typically used for more severe injuries, such as fractures, sprains, and severe ankle and foot injuries. The boot is designed to keep the foot and ankle immobile and to provide support and protection while the injury heals. It is held in place with a number of Velcro straps and is not designed for walking.On the other hand, a walking boot is designed to help a person with an injury or illness to be able to walk without discomfort or further injury. It is designed to support the foot and ankle while allowing the wearer to walk with a normal gait. It is typically used for mild to moderate injuries, such as ankle sprains, foot sprains, and Achilles tendonitis. A walking boot is usually made of a lightweight material and is held in place with a series of adjustable straps.In summary, a cam boot is designed to keep the foot and ankle immobile and provide support and protection while an injury heals, whereas a walking boot is designed to support the foot and ankle while allowing the wearer to walk with a normal gait.

All you need to know about Moon Boots.
Moon boots/Cam boots are excellent healing tools for fractures in the foot or a sprain in the ankle. They are not used for landing on the moon like they may sound but help with bearing down on your limbs during healing or post healing while it takes time for the body to get back to normal. Let’s learn about the functional style of Moon Boots/Cam Boots and how they will help you walk your way to healing.

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