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Shoulder Injury

Shoulder pain and injuries can be helped along with our range of braces that can offer benefits such as continuous cold therapy, a reduction of pain and swelling and speed rehab. 


A shoulder injury can sideline you from some of the sports and activities you love, making it hard to maintain a level of fitness you may have been accustomed to beforehand. Braces can provide superior coverage, compression and comfort to provide upper extremity post-operative and post-trauma support and immobilisation.


The following injuries can benefit from our range of shoulder braces:

  • Glenohumeral sprains
  • Acromioclavicular Sprains
  • Subluxations
  • Dislocations
  • Rotator cuff strains
  • Soft tissue strains
  • Tears
  • Tendinitis
  • Bursitis


With easy to fit, universal designs, our lightweight and breathable braces offer superior comfort and support, securing the forearm across the body to reduce rotation of the shoulder. With careful consideration to the load on your neck and quick-release buckles, you can position your shoulder for faster healing while still taking part in normal activities.


We are constantly updating the range on Sportsbraces.com.au to provide a variety of braces to help with injuries all over the body. Braces can also help prevent an injury from taking place, meaning you are better protected while working out or playing sport.


We have a search section dedicated to braces suitable for a range of sports along with exercise equipment, high-quality shoes and rehab and therapy products. Gear that is specifically designed with your protection and safety in mind can be found here with continually updated stock to keep you on the forefront of brace technology.


Bookmark our site and keep yourself safe while exercising and playing sport. Preventative care with braces or support for parts of the body healing with injury keeps you in the game for longer! View the full shoulder care range below.


Shoulder Impingement

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