What makes a good ankle brace?

What makes a good ankle brace?

A good question and one we get asked all the time. Ankle braces play an important part in recovery and prevention. Depending on your injury or previous injury, choosing ankle braces can be difficult. If you have or know someone who has just recovered from an ankle injury choosing the right ankle brace is crucial to continuing rehabilitation of the injury. Not only will ankle braces provide peace of mind when getting back to sport they are important to ensure complete lateral stability. Ankle braces shouldn’t stop the natural rotation of the ankle however are there to prevent lateral instability, ankle roll and prevent injuries occurring.

Consideration for choosing a Ankle Brace

All ankle braces need to be used / worn with shoes. To ensure you have the best chance of an ankle brace providing the support they must be worn with shoes. This is an important point, you have to choose a brace that will actually fit your shoes. In addition ankle braces are worn over socks, not only for properly fitting, socks will provide extra comfort while wearing a brace.

  • Choose the best for my condition / injury.
  • What shoes will i be wearing using a brace.
  • Comfortable while wearing during my activity.
  • Lightweight and Material considerations.

No matter which ankle brace you choose, be sure to get the best fitting brace as this will allow the benefits of the brace to perform properly.

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