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DonJoy Performance Stockist Australia

As an extension of the our collection, DonJoy Performance takes the company’s bracing, compression, and protective solutions offerings even further. The Sportsbraces team handpicked these exceptional technologies and compelling designs due to the brand’s parent company’s trusted and rich sports medicine history.

Founded in 1978, Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive line captain Mark Nordquist, the massive medical research and development that goes into the product’s technological innovation is second-to-none. As a leader in orthopedics and orthopedic rehabilitation, injury prevention and rehabilitation is easy with DonJoy performance.

Sportsbraces.com.au are proud to bring the exceptional technologies and compelling designs to you. View the full range below and bookmark this page to ensure you always have access to the latest releases. You can also search our site for specific braces for absorbing energy and impact and various exercise equipment. Speak to our team over the phone between 9am – 5pm by calling 1300 070 948 to see which of the DonJoy Performance products below are best suited to your needs.

With Sportsbraces.com.au you are always in the best hands for proper care while training or playing sports. Don’t be hampered by your injury, and prevent them in the future with our help!