Top Injury Prevention Tips for Post COVID Workout

Warming Up

Whether you have been inactive or just doing simple workouts from home during the COVID lockdown, the pandemic has affected the way many have been exercising and for many physical activity has lessened. As normality begins to merge and gyms and personal trainers are getting back into action, so are we. But our bodies might need to do some catching up and may not be moving as easily and freely as they once were. Rushing back into it without taking the proper measures increases the risk of injury. So, we are sharing our top 4 injury prevention tips for you to remain safe as you ease your way into a post COVID workout.

Warm-up and cool down

A proper warm-up and cooldown must be part of your post-COVID workout. The warm-up gets those unused joints and muscles warm and helps to increase your heart rate and prevent stress and overload on your body. The cooldown gives your body the time to recover after the workout and helps bring down your heart rate to its normal level. Both the warm-up and cooldown can include simple stretches, a light walk or some leg and arm exercises that are designed to have a gentle impact on your joints.

Gradually increase activity level

Knowing that you can get back out into the community and exercising again can make you want to just jump back right back into it. If you haven’t been exercising while the COVID lockdown has been in effect, then rushing back into the intensity of where you left off isn’t ideal. The safest way to start exercising again build up your strength and endurance gradually.

Listen to your body

If you find that you start experiencing any pain now that you are back into your workout, then it is best to slow down or use a brace for support. The pain could be a precursor to an injury, so stopping or slowing down a bit can help prevent any further damage. Rest and recovery could be all that your body needs before getting back into your workout on another day.

Wear the right clothes and footwear

Wearing the right type of clothes and footwear can help prevent injury. Whatever your choice of exercise, wearing loose-fitting clothes and a pair of sturdy joggers give your body the freedom to move easily and safely. Most injuries happen because of ill-fitting shoes that provide little to no support.

Whatever your choice of a post-COVID workout is, the key to preventing injury is to take it slowly, gradually get back to the level you were at before COVID, listen to your body and use whatever aids you need to safely work out.

Good luck from the team here at Sportsbraces.com.au and remember, we have you covered with a full range of rehab & therapy products to help ease you back into your training.

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