Prevent Foot Injury This Winter.

As we begin to hit the colder months, the importance of protecting your feet in cold weather is paramount, especially if you have a foot injury. The best way to ensure your comfort and safety in winter is with the right pair of shoes!
From ankle sprains to broken toes, you will begin to feel your injury more as the temperatures drop. Taking proper preventive measures can decrease your chance of worsening or incurring a foot problem during winter.
According to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS):
 “During the winter months, patients should take extra precaution to keep their feet warm and dry when navigating colder temps, especially patients who have existing health conditions”.
The difference between comfort and pain in your feet during the winter comes down to the right footwear: Wear the right shoes to avoid a fall or ankle sprainAim for low-heeled shoes or boots with a traction soleIncrease safety with a Padded Heel and TongueGuard your toe bones with a Protective Toe BoxChoose outsole design that increases stability 
Dr Comfort ticks all of the above boxes thanks to our stylish range of footwear perfect for those at risk. Our shoes offer uncompromised comfort, quality, and style for a special occasion shoe, activewear or daily use.
Dr Comfort diabetic shoes and accessories will give you the warmth and support your feet need in winter. If you have recently undergone an operation on your feet or legs or suffer from any Achilles tendon problems, our orthopedic range is well-suited to ensure you do not experience any further injury or discomfort.
View our full range today, pick the style that best suits you, and enjoy pure comfort with every step!

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