All you need to know about Moon Boots / Cam Boot

Aircast Short Cam Boot

Moon boots/Cam boots are excellent healing tools for fractures in the foot or a sprain in the ankle. They are not used for landing on the moon like they may sound but help with bearing down on your limbs during healing or post healing while it takes time for the body to get back to normal. Let’s learn about the functional style of Moon Boots/Cam Boots and how they will help you walk your way to healing.

What is a Moon Boot/Cam Boot?
Moon Boots are lightweight and adjustable and are known by many names, you may have heard them being referred to as a Cam Boot, an Aircast Boot, a Cam Walker or an Ankle Moon Boot. Whatever you refer to it as they all do the same thing, prevent excessive loading and movement to support healing of the foot or ankle.
When injuries overload the bones, muscles, tendons and joints or after surgery, a Cam Walker becomes part of the long-term immobilisation management for the injury. Procare MoonTrax Tall Walker

Moon Boot/Cam Boot Variations
Cam boots come in different styles with varying functionalities. These include different heights, specifically designed the ankle, detachable toe covers, integrated pump designs, non-skid soles, foam & nylon liners, and conforming uprights. The right design and functionality depend on the type of injury or what is most comfortable for you. Aircast Airselect Short Cam Boot

Where to purchase a Moon Boot/Cam Boot?
At Sports Braces, we have qualified staff who understand your Cam Boot needs and can help you choose the right Aircast Boot for your injury or post-surgery healing. For the most effective and safe use of Cam Boots, they are best fitted by professionals like us. We have Moon Boots for sale to meet a variety of needs, check out our range now.

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