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Knee Braces for Running

Buying Knee Braces for Running

Buying Knee Braces for Running: Tips to Help You Choose the Best One Knee injuries are quite common among runners. Because of the repetitive movement of running and the high impact involved, these types of injuries are more likely to occur. However, you don’t need to dread the thought of getting injured because knee braces […]



Ligaments are elastic bands of tissue that attach bones together. In the knee, four ligaments connect the thighbone (femur)to the shin bone (tibia), allowing the knee joint to move and rotate with strength and stability. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), located in the center of the knee, controls forward movement and rotation, and helps prevent […]

Wearing a Knee Brace to Bed

Sleeping with a knee brace

People wear knee braces for many different reasons – a sports injury, bad posture, after surgery or for arthritis. Depending on why you have to wear a custom knee brace for knee support, you may have to wear it to bed, particularly after an operation to help strengthen the knee region. While it might not […]

Those first runs on the treadmill, look after your ankles and knees

Those first runs on the treadmill, look after your ankles and knees

You’ve been away from the treadmill for a while or perhaps your new to this form of exercise, and you’re beginning to wonder if your knees and ankles will keep up. While it is an excellent form of exercise, especially when the weather outside isn’t ideal, it’s good to have an understanding of how you […]

Prevent Foot Injury This Winter.

As we begin to hit the colder months, the importance of protecting your feet in cold weather is paramount, especially if you have a foot injury. The best way to ensure your comfort and safety in winter is with the right pair of shoes! From ankle sprains to broken toes, you will begin to feel […]