Under Kneecap Pain

Under Kneecap Pain

One of the most common knee injuries is patella pain, which is pain on the inside of the knee cap (patella). This can be caused by patella tracking issues, miction issues, or more.

Knee pain under the kneecap is a common issue. This can be caused by loose kneecap tracking. Repositioning your knee to line it up with your toes will only slightly alter the alignment and fix this

So firstly, you need to keep your kneecap centered deep in the groove within your knee cap. If this is not possible, you should try a patella tracking aide.

DonJoy Knee Braces, uses these to align kneecaps. Simply place it on the outside of your kneecap and push it across your patella until it lines up perfectly with your groove.
You may also have patellar tracking problems or patellar tracking disorder. You may experience pain, limited mobility, clicking or popping sounds while walking or running. You may also be experiencing pain when squatting. A regular stretching and strengthening program can help to get rid of this pain and improve your overall health.

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