Lateral Knee Pain

Support for Patella Instability

Lateral knee pain is a common condition that can occur in the knee. It most commonly occurs when a person falls or tumbles, but it can also be caused by arthritis, bone spurs, or a ligament injury.

Pain in the lateral knee is usually located on the outside of the knee over the inside of the thigh. It may radiate down the outside of the leg. Pain may also be felt in and around the joint capsule.

Symptoms of lateral knee pain can include:
– Weakness or discomfort when straightening or extending your leg
– A change in movement: one leg feels stiffer than the other, or there is pain when walking with your heel down
– Stiffness or pain when walking uphill or downhill
– Tenderness when you press on your knee with a finger, more so than when you press on your toes
– Pain when you straighten your leg, such as when you stand up from sitting down after sitting for a long time
– Pins and needles in your lower leg that move up and down with each step
– Difficulty climbing stairs
– Stopping suddenly after running or jumping.

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