Knee Braces for Kids

Kids Knee Brace

Wearing a knee brace for knee support isn’t as uncommon for children as you may think. Kids are high energy and sometimes have accidents or are involved in a sports-related injury, or growth spurts that cause pain. The most popular type of knee brace for children is a knee sleeve. The flexibility of this type of best knee brace means they easily slide on and off while still retaining the right level of support.

A knee brace that has elasticity is mostly referred to as a knee sleeve or compression sleeve. They do not restrict movement, but the lightweight, breathable fabric is designed to support swelling and soreness. Although technically not referred to as a knee brace, the compression sleeve almost feels like a second skin, so children won’t really notice they are wearing one.

Even though your child will probably want to keep moving, even when they’re injured, a child’s knee brace will help keep the pressure of their kneecap. This means if you can’t keep them still, their injury is still supported. 

The fun aspect of a children’s custom knee brace is that they come in a range of fun colours or with a superhero on them like our Marvel range for children. The material is durable and lasting for even the busiest child.

If you are unsure about what the type of knee brace your child should be wearing, contact us and speak to one of our professional staff.