3 Things you need to know about wearing a knee brace

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If you are an active person or you are getting older, the body wears down, and joints begin to hurt, especially when doing exercise or playing sports. A custom knee brace becomes like a second skin for reducing the risk of injury or to aid you in recovery from a severe injury or surgery. There are different types of knee braces for various issues ranging from a hinged knee brace, knee brace for acl, knee support with a compression sleeve, bands and strapping. Knee braces come in a variety of styles and colours that range from fun pictures and bright colours to a simple black nondescript custom knee brace. In this article, we explore the three main things you need to know when wearing a knee brace.

  • Different knee braces suit varying issues
    Knee braces or custom knee braces are designed differently for specific ailments. When deciding on the best knee brace for knee support, it’s essential to choose right.
  • Hinged knee brace: Generally used after severe injury or surgery.
  • Custom knee brace: Like the hinged knee brace this is used after having knee surgery or after a serious injury.
  • Compression sleeves: This knee brace is used for pain relief or to prevent injury when your exercising.
  • Bands, straps and wraparound knee braces: Like the compression sleeve these are used more for pain relief and prevention rather than for a serious injury.
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Knowing what knee brace is right for you
It can be hard to determine what knee brace is right for you. While research certainly helps with making sure you get the right brace, consulting your doctor or our professional staff at Sports Braces will give you a more accurate assessment of the correct brace for you. Trying to decide yourself without expert assistance can become costly both financially and physically.

You have your new brace, what now?
Wearing a knee brace whether for injury, after surgery, for pain or prevention, it will take a while to get used to it. It may feel uncomfortable and be a time of trial and error. The important thing is to listen to your body to determine whether the pain lessens, is it helping with your recovery?
When wearing a custom knee brace, healing won’t be instant and will take time. If you have any concerns with your healing time contact your medical professional, and for advice on the right type of knee brace for you, reach out to us at Sportsbraces.com.au