Immobilizing an shoulder injury

Ultrasling Pro

Do you know how much stress your shoulders are under every day? Have you ever wondered why your shoulders hurt so much and seem to ache all the time? 

Ever since I was a kid, my shoulders have been a source of pain. Whether it was from carrying heavy items or from being tossed around in activities like Football, Tennis, or swimming, my shoulders always felt strained and tense.

When you are dealing with a shoulder injury, it’s important to take your time and try to heal your body. You can do this by immobilizing your shoulder and taking breaks to rest your muscles.

There are several different types of arm sling available on the market today but the most common complaint I hear is the pain caused around the neck due to the sling position.

Try Ultrasling Pro, this sling uses the opposite shoulder rather than sit on the top of your neck.

The Ultrasling Pro has been designed to place the injured shoulder in an abducted position whilst decreasing the pull on the neck from the shoulder strap. The sling is easily adjusted with a telescopic strap system and quick release buckle system.

Ultrasling Pro

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