CAM Walkers

AirSelect CAM Walker

These go by names such as Moon Boots, Cam Boots or Cam Walkers. Cam Walkers are Controlled Ankle Motion Walkers designed to treat conditions such as fractures, stabilisation, tendon or ligament tears and are more commonly used and considered the standard treatment for many patients.

Cam walkers have been designed to suit either Left or Right foot and are single use for patients. After time Cam Walkers may lose integrity therefore we recommend purchasing a boot specifically for your injury. Another important note is to always wear stable footwear on the non injured foot that will help prevent height discrepancy.

Our brands Aircast and Procare have multiple options when choosing the right Cam Walker. Short (Ankle), Tall (Long), Air and Non Air.
Stirrup Walkers and Full Shell Walkers are specific around certain injury types. Be sure to choose the right Cam Walker for your injury.
Stirrup walkers may offer little support for more complex ankle injuries that require a high level of stability.

Air walkers may be used in the case where you may need to inflated the Walker to ensure a snug fit or useful for patients with small calf circumference compared to their foot size.

Short Walkers are primarily used in conditions of the mid foot or toes.
Tall Walkers have higher stirrups and more straps designed to immobilise the ankle joint. This reduces the movement of some of the longer tendons of the foot and ankle.

Full Shell Air Walkers such as Aircast AirSelect uses a combination of a wraparound shell and Air to achieve a higher level of immobilisation. Aircast Airselect is designed with two separate air chambers which can functionally inflate either the left or right hand side of the walker. Along with enhanced immobilisation AirSelect can provide additional comfort.

Most off the shelf CAM Walkers will fit most of the population however in some cases where patients may have a wider foot different models are designed to suit this.

Childrens Cam Walkers or Paediatric Walkers are used to match the proportions of younger patients, specifically designed as an alternative to casts. Often used to treat soft tissue injuries and once more serious injuries are ruled out, they can provide comfort for a child in the short term.

Always seek professional medical advice before purchasing.