What Moon Boot is right for you?

Moon Boots are used to treat and stabilise injury to the lower leg, foot and ankle. They are more flexible than a plaster cast and don’t need any special modification to walk around while healing. It can be overwhelming when choosing the right Moon Boot after injury or surgery. The primary consideration when selecting a Camboot is your injury type. Depending on your injury, you may need an Ankle Moon Boot/Short Aircast Boot or a tall Moonboot. We break down the kind of Cam Walker you may need and how it supports you while you heal.

Ankle Moon Boot/Short Aircast Boot

An Ankle Moon Boot or Short Aircast Book are mainly used for an injury or after surgery of the foot and ankle, including the toes. It provides immobilisation of the foot and ankle joints to assist with healing. A short Aircast Boot is generally used for injuries such as a toe fracture, heel pain, foot fracture, foot stress fracture and post bunion surgery.

Tall Moon Boot

Tall Moon Boots protect and support the leg unlike the Short Aircast Boot, which is designed more for the healing of feet. A Tall Cam Walker is generally worn for lower leg injuries including ankle sprains, soft tissue injuries, and fractures including stress fractures. Its main aim is to aid in the healing of your injury by immobilising the leg, ankle and foot area while still enabling you to be mobile.


The Cam Walker come in a variety of sizes ranging from xsmall to xlarge and generally correlate to standard Australian shoe sizes. 

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