Knee Braces and Supports

Knee Braces and Supports

We often get asked, What does a knee brace actually do?
4 Ways Knee Braces Can Keep you Active
Sometimes knee injuries slow us down, and our bodies don’t work as well, or as we age, our bodies slow down, but we want to keep active. One way to keep doing the exercise we love to do is to support our bodies with a knee brace. Come with us as we explore four ways that knee braces can keep you active.

Combining a knee brace with a good pair of shoes can help you keep active. If you wear a knee brace with shoes that aren’t supportive, you can be doing more damage to your knee. We recommend wearing Dr Comfort shoes with a custom knee brace for ultimate support.

If you have arthritis or have an ongoing injury walking is fantastic for your body, although it can be quite painful. Using knee support will enable you to continue with your exercise routine with a little less pain.

A compression knee brace can help stabilise your knee and aid with swelling from the effects of osteoarthritis. This not only assists you in doing routine daily tasks but will also help you offload some of the pain so you can engage in life actively.

Staying healthy isn’t just about diet; being active is just as important. Using aids like a hinged knee brace or a custom knee brace can aid you in remaining active when our bodies are challenged. A knee brace can help make simple stretching exercises or a big workout more comfortable and possible during healing.

Which knee brace do I need? Common Injuries and issues
Knee injuries are a common sports injury that can sideline an athlete for a considerable amount of time and take months, if not years, to recover from. A brace is the best way to provide ACL, MCL and LCL support while also helping with hyperextended knee injuries and meniscus support.

No matter what existing injury you have, or what form of physical activity you undergo, we have a solution for your protection. Our wide variety of knee brace options are specifically designed to treat and protect a range of issues, including:

MCL or LCL instability
Knee hyperextension
Meniscus Support

And more
From basketball to soccer, volleyball, weightlifting and more, you’ll be able to find the right brace for support during your chosen activity. We even make your search easier by letting you search brace categories by sport. All athletes are covered as are all types of knee injuries, and their prevention.

Protect your knees by giving them the highest level of support with our high-quality line of products that offer bilateral polycentric hinges to protect your knees as you run, cut, and jump. We also have braces that can absorb energy and impact as you move freely without restriction. Continue your activities as you recover from a knee injury and make sure you stay in the game with our help.

Sportsbraces.com.au works hard to curate the necessary implements to keep you safe, and we back this up by providing phone support for all website sales from 9am – 5pm on 1300 070 948. We want to make sure you have the Knee brace, shoes, exercise equipment and rehab and therapy products for your needs. Train and play the smart way with our protective gear and never be sidelined again

Knee braces and supports for knee injuries
With Sportsbraces.com.au ACL tear support options, you can perform at your best with the ultimate protection. We offer a range of sleek, low-profile, support options for ACL recovery and prevention.

Designed to prevent hyperextension and help improve joint mechanics, we have options for both surgical and non-surgical knee requirements.

Our wide range offers support and protection for:
ACL, Meniscus or Patella Injuries
Joint Instabilities
Moderate Ligament and Tendon Sprains
Hyperextension and more

Knee Braces for sports
From Football to Soccer, Snowboarding, Basketball, Lacrosse, Volleyball, and more, all sports and situations are covered by our wide selection. You can search the options by sport to find the right solutions for your needs.
Our products include some of the following benefits for those who are injured, or looking to avoid an injury:
Increased circulation
Improved heat regulation
Joint and ligament support
Comfortable options that do not impede performance

Sportsbraces.com.au is the place to bookmark for all athletes looking for MCL and LCL support. Inclusive of those with hyperextended knee injuries or requirements for meniscus support, we offer performance knee braces from some of the finest sports medicine brands in the world, all at amazing prices.

Our team has handpicked the products that will offer you the highest level of support with technologically-advanced bilateral polycentric hinges so you can handle lateral forces as you reach your performance heights.

Our braces provide those with pre-existing injuries stability and support for knee ligament sprains or worse. With features like soft tissue compression and sleeve or wraparound configurations, you’ll find a comfortable brace that suits your needs with ease.

View our selection of effective and comfortable braces below and search our site for other support braces for feet, ankles, lower legs and more. We have options for those with a severe ankle sprain and a wide selection of braces organised by sport to help you find the right solutions for your needs.

Relieve pain, reduce stress and safely limit your joints’ movement to encourage healing. View our exercise equipment, Dr Comfort shoes, and rehab and therapy products as well to ensure that all of your workouts are performed safely. Sportsbraces.com.au are continually updating the wide range of high-quality products on our site to keep you across the latest in sports med technology. Bookmark our site for quick access and if you have any question or require help finding the right products for your needs.

What brace is best for knee pain?
In cases of a torn meniscus, support and compression are important to ensure that you do not see further damage. Athletes with acute or chronic knee injury can take advantage of the protective braces on offer here at Sportsbraces.com.au to get them back in the action sooner.

Our range of braces are made from anatomically knitted and multidirectional elastic fabric for added compression and support. Perform at your best with the ultimate protection that will not impact your movement thanks to their sleek, low-profile designs. All of our braces provide maximum support for meniscus recovery and prevention, designed to prevent hyperextension and improve joint mechanics in surgical and non-surgical knees.

Our wide range of braces are suitable for:
ACL, Meniscus or Patella Injuries
Joint instability
Moderate ligament or tendon sprains
And more

Knee Braces for sports
Active individuals who play football, soccer, basketball, volleyball and a range of other sports will experience a range of benefits from our brace options including increased circulation, improved heat regulation, compression, as well as joint and ligament support.

Search our site for a range of other protective gear including Wrist Braces, Foot Care, Head And Neck Braces, and more all sorted by sport to make your search easier. Relieve pain by reducing stress on injured structures with braces that help limit excess movement, assisting the healing process.

Our handpicked selection of high-quality products are comfortable to wear and easy to keep clean. You’ll also find a range of supportive exercise equipment, shoes and rehab and therapy products to make sure that you get the most out of your workouts with as little risk to your body as possible. Search the range today and bookmark our site to keep across all of the latest products and development in the world of braces and protective gear.

Knee brace for Osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis (OA) braces are weight redistribution devices that apply a varus or valgus force to the knee to “Unload” the affected compartment. By transferring weight onto the unaffected compartment, OA knee braces are suitable for unicompartmental OA as the unaffected side must be able to accept an increased load (weight).

Are you considering an OA Knee brace for Osteoarthritis? Make sure you understand the additional pressure that will be applied to the unicompartmental to assist the Unloading. If you have both medial and lateral arthritis in both compartments then this form of OA brace is unsuitable.
Osteoarthritis is a progressive disease, bracing can be effective in early stages particularly when mobility becomes an issue. The most common effects of OA is severe joint pain while suffering with mobility issues.

The Donjoy range of OA knee braces provide a range of braces and supports to compliment individuals in assisting joint pain and mobility issues.