Do Knee Sleeves Work?

do knee braces work?
Knee issues plague people for a lot of different reasons, which is why there is a range of knee braces to suit your injury type. Compression knee sleeves are one type of knee brace to help support your knee, increase blood flow and reduce pain. 

What is a knee Sleeve

Knee sleeves are a little different to your traditional knee brace, in fact, a knee sleeve isn’t usually considered an actual knee brace because it lacks hinges and mechanical support. However, they still provide the support and compression that you need for your knees. For this reason, a sleeve is not likely to be used after surgery or significant injury but is used more as a support mechanism when playing a sport, exercising or other activity.
A knee sleeve adds compression to your knee, which increases blood flow and to reduce any pain or swelling as a result of exercise. They are usually made out of a neoprene material which easily slides over the knee and allows it to not only be supported but to also strengthen naturally. 

How do knee sleeves work?

A knee sleeve definitely works if used for the right reason. If you try to use it for a severe injury, you will not receive the support you need. However, if you use it to gently apply pressure around your knee, then this knee brace will support you during exercise, playing sport or during daily activities.

Popular Knee Sleeves

We stock a variety of knee braces the offer you the right type of compression for knee support.
 DonJoy Performance Trizone Calf Sleeve
This knee brace offers a unique hybrid design that provides three zones of compression. This sleeve is made out of a carbonised bamboo circular knit that targets zones for compression and have thermal regulating properties.
Donjoy Strapping Elastic Knee
This knee brace is made out of a knitted multidirectional elastic fabric. It gives added protection to the knee for added compression and support. Because it is a knee sleeve, it is multifunctional and can be used on either knee.
DonJoy Rotulax Elastic Knee (Closed Patella)
This knee sleeve supports and adds compression for your knee. It also has knitted and multidirectional elastic fabric that easily slides onto the injured knee. It features a non-compressive knit over the kneecap to prevent swelling.
ProCare Elastic Knee Support
This knee support is one of our cheapest options that provides mild compression support for helping stabilise the knee joints. This is made of a breathable elastic material which is easy to slide on and off the knee. It can be used on either knee. 

Whatever fits your needs, we are here to answer more of your question. Contact us at Sports Braces.