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Sportsbraces.com.au is the best way for the sports community in Perth to access a wide selection of braces and other exercise support pieces to protect from injury. Whether you are recovering from an injury or wish to be proactive in ensuring one does not happen in the first place – we can help!

View the products on our online store, which offers braces, exercise equipment, protective footwear, therapy goods and more. We are also here to help with phone support from 9am – 5pm on 1300 070 948 if needed.

It is vital to ensure your recovery and protection while playing sport and braces are a big part of doing this. Our quality products can prevent injuries by offering external support to increase the stability of your joints.

Those who take part in physical activity in Perth can access a range of products via our site including:

By offering a wide selection, we make sure all of your needs are catered for in the one place. To help you find exactly what you are looking for, we categorise our brace options by sport.

Why use braces? Along with relieving pain, braces reduce the stress on your injured structures by limiting the movement of your joints. If you are healing from an injury, this is of great benefit. Braces are comfortable to wear and will not get in the way of your performance.

Along with braces, you’ll find benefit in our range of exercise equipment, Dr Comfort shoes, and rehab and therapy products. Everything on offer can help with your injury, so you are not stuck on the sidelines. Sportbraces.com.au is the spot for all of your brace and recovery needs in Perth, view our options today.