Shop Moon Boots and Sports Braces in Melbourne

Sportsbraces.com.au offers an online store that is available to Melbourne athletes of all levels, 24 hours a day. Browse and shop an extensive range of braces, exercise equipment and more for a particular sport of need from the convenience of your home. Our team will also offer online support from 9am – 5pm by calling 1300 070 948.

If you were previously injured and looking to return to active play, we have a range of braces that can help with your recovery and protection. Braces are helpful both during treatment while also preventing injuries. The brace provides external support which increases the stability of the joint it is worn on. Our wide-range of braces can vary in support for Melbourne-based athletes due to the variety of materials available.

Braces can be used for:

  • Fractures of leg or foot
  • Chronic ankle sprains
  • Wrist sprains
  • Sprains to knee ligaments (including ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL) pre-and post-operatively
  • Support and protection from injury

The variety of brace options available on our site make it easy to choose an option specific to your injury or needs. We even make things easier by categorising our brace options by sport.

Relieve pain by reducing stress on any injured structures and limit the movement of a joint to help with the healing process. Our braces are easy to put on or take off and provide extra stability for those hoping to return to sports or training.

Melbourne customers will also find a range of exercise equipment like foam rollers, yoga mats and pulleys, as well as our Dr Comfort shoes for both men and women. Our rehab and therapy products will also help you return to the field or court from injury sooner. Shop Sportsbraces.com.au today and keep yourself safe while training or playing sport.