Aircast PodaLib AFO


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Aircast PodaLib AFO

(Ankle-Foot Orthosis)  Drop foot, neurological weakness or paralysis of the foot-lifting muscles, helps prevent lateral imbalance without restricting movement, improving ambulation.

Quick closure buckles helps to adjust and secure the tension of the elastic strap and foot.

Adjustable elastic strap with metal hook adapts to all shoe types with laces, buckles or eyelets.

Two aluminium stays for improved support

Posterior foam pad for comfort on the Achilles Tendon area


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Aircast PodaLib AFO (Ankle-Foot Orthosis) can be universally worn on the right or left foot

The new PodaLib ™ Aircast® Foot Lifter offers a dynamic and functional approach to lifting foot muscle deficiencies.

The benefits of PodaLib ™ are immediate, allowing the patient to regain a fluid, natural gait and therefore to increase her/his walking perimeter. PodaLib ™ Dynamic Foot Lift Dynamic Lift

• The fully flexible structure and the absence of rigid components promote fluidity of movement.

• No hindrance to the movements of the foot, unlike rigid levers.

• Allows the patient to find a natural and spontaneous unwinding of the step. Adaptability

• Flexible and adjustable structure, adapts perfectly to the patient’s anatomy. • The PodaLib ™ adapts to any type of shoe * or can be worn barefoot.

• It allows you to carry out daily activities without embarrassment. Maneuverability

• The PodaLib ™ adapts easily and quickly to all circumstances.

• Once the first initial setting has been made, it is used for all occasions. Corrective Action

• The adjustable elastic strap allows the tension and flexion angle of the foot to be adjusted to the degree of correction desired, according to the patient’s needs.

• Keeping the foot at a right angle compensates for deficiencies in the levator muscles.

• Lateral correction is also possible depending on the deficit of other muscles (fibular) and the expression of moderate spasticity. Discretion

• Compact, lightweight, the PodaLib ™ can be worn discreetly under clothing to carry out daily activities without constraints. Ease of application

• Simple and intuitive installation.

• One-handed application possible (in case of hemiplegia for example). Comfort

• Soft and breathable materials for optimal comfort, even in case of prolonged wear.

Posterior foam pad, for increased protection of the Achilles area. Following an accident, I became semi-paraplegic, having among other things, the drop foot syndrome, with a total challenge of the lifters. After trying various foot lifters, none suited me, they gave me the impression of having an artificial limb; moreover, this opinion was shared by several people having the same problem as me. Almost all of the foot lifters on the market are rigid, uncomfortable, difficult to put on, they amplify neurological pain and cause the foot to scald ”. The result of the PodaLib ™ foot lifter: “an excellent compromise between dynamic gait and ankle support, providing physical and psychological well-being. Didier Boué Designer and user of the PodaLib ™ foot lifter.


Available Sizes:  Measure Ankle Circumference

XSmall=1      13 – 19cm

Small=2         13 – 20cm

Medium=3    20 – 27cm

Large=4         27 – 34cm


Large, Medium, Small, XSmall


82-0013-1                 13cm – 19cm                                10cm                                 XS
82-0013-2                13cm – 20cm                                13cm                                  S
82-0013-3                20cm – 27cm                                13cm                                 M
82-0013-4                27cm – 34cm                                13cm                                  L